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YouTube For Your Business #PromoteYourBusinessToday

Youtube for your business on

Exactly, what have you done to promote your business today? There are a lot of small things you can do that positively impact your business. Have you ever posted a video to YouTube? A video can be a simple but powerful instrument to promote your business.   Here are some great reasons to consider YouTube:… Read more »

More Social Media on

Social Media

We are about two weeks in on the new site. Thank you for the great feedback! We love our advertisers and users. Well, we wouldn’t be here without them. We have a lot of hopes and dreams for the new site. One of the original hopes was to add in social media links for our… Read more » 2.0!

Welcome to 2.0! It took a while and the help of quite a few people but the site is up and running now! First of all we need to thank all of our advertisers for sticking with us on this journey. You make this site possible. Secondly we would like to thank Justin at… Read more »