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YouTube For Your Business #PromoteYourBusinessToday

Exactly, what have you done to promote your business today? There are a lot of small things you can do that positively impact your business. Have you ever posted a video to YouTube? A video can be a simple but powerful instrument to promote your business.


Here are some great reasons to consider YouTube:

  1. It is the second largest search engine on earth
  2. It is owned by Google
  3. The videos are easily embedded in most media , blog posts and websites
  4. Over 2 million videos are viewed on YouTube every day
  5. A video can add a personal touch to your marketing
  6. A video can increase brand awareness to an entire new demographic
  7. You can easily create videos with almost any phone or tablet
  8. You can edit videos online without expensive software

It is easy to set up a YouTube channel for your business. First you need a Google ID or Gmail account. Follow the directions and you are all set.

You can record videos with almost any smartphone or tablet and upload them easily.

Author: Earle Dutton

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