Welcome to 2.0!

It took a while and the help of quite a few people but the site is up and running now! First of all we need to thank all of our advertisers for sticking with us on this journey. You make this site possible. Secondly we would like to thank Justin at Eternia Web Solutions for taking the reins on this project. He took our thoughts, dreams, odd ideas, and weird requests and formed them into this new site.

We have added some new features as well as fix some long standing issues. All advertisers now have the ability to list their website in their ad. Most advertisers can now even list some of their social media links in their ads as well. We are adding a blog that focuses on local business owners and businesses. We still have our entertainment blog at but it is completely separate from our business blog. This should go a long way to help further promote our advertisers. We have even updated the events area. Start sending us your events! Take a stroll around the site and see what you think! Hope to hear from you soon!

Author: Earle Dutton

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