Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality One Year Anniversary

We celebrated Pride in Seattle over the weekend. Pride is an important part of LGBTQ society whether you decide to participate or not. Our community is so diverse and sometimes we need to be reminded of just that very thing. We also had another reason to celebrate over the weekend. It was the one year anniversary of Marriage Equality. Yes, one year ago the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that LGBT people should be allowed to marry.

There was recently a tragic event in Orlando that shook our community and allies to the bone. Forty-nine of our brothers and sisters were gunned down and killed in a gay bar of all places. Orlando might be thousands of miles away but that didn’t make the pain any less. Gay bars are supposed to be OUR safety havens. We escape the world that may or may not accept us into another that is completely ours. I think that is a reason why Pride was so important this year. Whether you celebrated in the streets or in your mind, it was ours to make what we desired. This is a huge election year and we need to make sure that we keep the rights we have and don’t lose ground. No one is should be able to decide that we are lesser or unworthy in any way.

Remember Orlando always! Remember Pride forever! Remember Marriage Equality and cherish it! Most of all, remember that you are equal and worthy of all that these United States have to offer. Our battle in not finished. Stand with our community now! Stand with your community and make it brighter and stronger with your knowledge and diversity. This community is strengthened by our differences. Celebrate our love and be proud!

Author: Earle Dutton

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